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When the Iraq war began, YouTube did not exist. This year, Twitter introduces the Twitter Vote Report, allowing people from all over the country to report on their voting experience.  Check out the live maps that show what citizens across the country are reporting.

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One comment on “Technology and Politics
  1. Simon Owens says:

    Yeah, the Twitter Vote Report is a pretty cool way of aggregating the election day twitter data. I’ve been working on a similar election project that utilizes Twitter:Freshly Squeezed Tweets. It aggregates tweets like Twitter Vote Report, but it creates a more abstract visualization of the aggregate conversation on Twitter showing frequency and context of election-related words. The site will pull a continuous stream of tweets mentioning Obama and McCain, representing the most-used terms as a series of bubbles. The bigger the “bubble” the more frequently the term is being used. You can hover over each word to see a graphical breakdown of each word’s use.

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