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bringing home the ranch symposium at the huntington, nov 12

The Huntington library and garden is holding a symposium on friday nov 12 called Bringing Home the Ranch about urban agriculture in Southern California. I’m speaking about food justice in LA- making sure that everyone can grow food and access

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Planning to Support Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is everywhere we turn these days. On rooftops, vacant lots, and school yards. As discussed on this blog before, Los Angeles was a city founded on agriculture. With an ideal growing climate, the city should lead the nation

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UPS Delivers Community Food Security

One of our project partners, the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) has created a thriving national movement that has forged new alliances between diverse constituencies, including farmers, environmentalists, food bankers, anti-hunger advocates, community activists, and public health professionals. They have

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land of sunshine: strategies for urban agriculture

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’m going to post some thoughts about about food politics and policies in Los Angeles. I’ll break it into three angles. First, for taday, the Land of Sunshine, a short history of how we used to grown

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H is for Hubris

When designing a monument to oneself in a region that has repeatedly skewered (while also celebrated) the gauche palaces of the rich, from Citizen Kane to Citizen Spelling, one would think that our contemporary tycoons would show some subtlety. One

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New Report on 10 Years of California Farm to School

The Center for Food & Justice at Occidental College is pleased to announce the release of a new report on ten years of Farm to School in California. A Growing Movement: A Decade of Farm to School in California. By

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Enrique Penalosa

One of the groups UEPI is part of, the Alliance for a Livable Los Angeles, is co-hosting this exciting event. Lessons Learned from Livable Cities: An Evening with Enrique Peñalosa Former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia Monday, November 13, 2006 MTA

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Warehouses vs. Urban Gardens: L.A.’s Own Urban Heat Island Effect

It’s hot out there, and one of the reasons it might get even hotter in the years to come in LA, is the continuing push to pave even more of the little green space we have. When Judge Helen Bendix

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The South Central Farm: What Next?

As this is being written, the 14 acre South Central Farm on 41st street and Alameda is being bulldozed, the fences that separated the magnificent plots torn down, and an urban landscape that was in many ways truly magical will

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The Future of Food in Suburban Sprawl

Through CFJ’s Farm to School work in Riverside County over the past 2 years we have been supporting small family farmers whose land is being continually threatened by development. Riverside County is one of the fastest growing counties in the

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