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the future of food in a city without borders

This is the final post in a series on food in Los Angeles that started with Land of Sunshine and continued with Two Cities. Los Angeles is a place continuously being transformed by new arrivals from around the country and

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land of sunshine: strategies for urban agriculture

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’m going to post some thoughts about about food politics and policies in Los Angeles. I’ll break it into three angles. First, for taday, the Land of Sunshine, a short history of how we used to grown

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Downsizing the News at the L.A. Times

The continuing departure of L.A. Times staff, thanks to the downsizing agenda of its new owner Sam Zell, has sunk the paper to an incredible low point. Some of the finest journalists have now departed the paper: staffers like Henry

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The South Central Farm: What Next?

As this is being written, the 14 acre South Central Farm on 41st street and Alameda is being bulldozed, the fences that separated the magnificent plots torn down, and an urban landscape that was in many ways truly magical will

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