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Abolish HUD?

Last Friday, Columbia University sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh published a provocative op-ed column in the New York Times headlined, “To Fight Poverty, Tear Down HUD“. In this column, he argued that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is

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Poverty, Crime, Housing, Race, — What’s the truth?

Colleagues: When journalists and social scientists write about poverty, crime, race, and housing policy — especially when they stir them together — it is bound to provoke controversy. Journalist Hannah Rosin recently stirred up a hornet’s next with her cover

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Strengthening the “right to organize”

A sure sign that progressives are changing the political debate in the country is the fact that the New York Times devoted its entire June 10 magazine to articles about inequality and poverty.  The issue includes an article on an

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The New Gilded Age and the Burgeoning New Progressive Era

America’s new Gilded Age — widening inequality and deteriorating social conditions — is triggering a new Progressive Era, an upsurge of progressive organizing, ideas, and electoral shifts. This is reflected in several ways, including: This year’s LA Business Journal look

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Snapshots in the struggle for social justice….

Los Angeles’ hotel workers — and their allies in the labor movement, community groups, and faith-based communities — won a major victory last week when the LA City Council voted to extend the city’s living wage law to the 3500

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John Edwards and the Politics of Poverty

In a walnut paneled conference room, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with Georgian chandeliers, Remington-style bronze reproductions, 17th century Flemish art and Persian carpets, including one woven by servants of the Shah of Iran, John Edwards sat in the same

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