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From 9-11 to 2-13: Advocating for restaurant workers

When the World Trade Center went down, one of the casualties was the Windows on the World restaurant, including 72 of its employees who died that day. But casualties also included the other restaurant workers who didn’t get back their

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Strengthening the “right to organize”

A sure sign that progressives are changing the political debate in the country is the fact that the New York Times devoted its entire June 10 magazine to articles about inequality and poverty.  The issue includes an article on an

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See Lyn Goldfarb’s great documentary, “The New Los Angeles”

THE NEW LOS ANGELES is screening at two LA film festivals this month. Never have the stories in the film—living wage, hotel worker organizing, immigrant rights, black-brown dialogue—been more timely than in today’s Los Angeles. Director Lyn Goldfarb will be

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Snapshots in the struggle for social justice….

Los Angeles’ hotel workers — and their allies in the labor movement, community groups, and faith-based communities — won a major victory last week when the LA City Council voted to extend the city’s living wage law to the 3500

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Milton Friedman is NOT dead

To the LA Times Editor: Milton Friedman is NOT dead (November 17) The LA Times story on the front page of Friday’s Business section examined the business community’s reaction to the City Council’s recent vote to require hotels near LAX

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Voters want minimum wage hike

As John Atlas and I write in the American Prospect this week, and as Barbara Ehrenreich observes in a column for AlterNet, one of the most impressive outcomes of last Tuesday’s election was the overwhelming support that voters showed for

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