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Friends, One of the most important progressive resources in Los Angeles — the UCLA  Labor Center — is under attack and needs our help. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block has decided to shut down the Labor Center , a valuable, cutting-edge,

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Business “crying wolf” on credit card reform and labor law reform

Friends and Colleagues: My occasional coauthor Donald Cohen and I would like to solicitic your help.  Perhaps you’ve noticed a regular theme in some of our recent articles — the tendency of business lobby groups to “cry wolf” whenever liberals

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Why liberals need labor

Despite its paltry membership (12.1% of the workforce), the U.S. labor movement remains the nation’s most potent force for progressive change and the most effective vehicle for electing Democrats. As Kelly Candaele and I point out in our article in

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Mortgage Meltdown; Baseball Steroid Scandal; How Unions Help the Economy; Edwards; NCLB; What the Dems Should Do On Jan. 2008; Fun With Alan Greenspan

Friends – Here is a hodgepodge of articles (only one by me) on different topics that might be of interest:

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Happy MLK Day

Many of you have seen the LA Times’ 4-day series last week criticizing the United Farm Workers.  In response, I wrote this op-ed, published in the Sunday LA Times (yesterday), criticizing the paper’s general coverage of labor and workplace issues.

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