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Just released: Full McCain/Keating video

John McCain  hopes that voters will forget about his role in our country’s last major financial crisis and costly bailout: the savings and loan crisis of the late ’80s and early ’90s. But voters deserve to know that the failed

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How to Fix the Mortgage Mess 101

Friends and Colleagues: Here’s the problem with the nation’s troubled financial system in a nutshell: Americans don’t have enough money to pay their mortgages.  In my piece in today’s Huffington Post, I explain why the President’s $700 billion bail-out proposal

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Bad News and Good News for American Workers on Labor Day

Friends and Colleagues: First, the bad news. Only 12.1 percent of all workers –  7.5 percent of private-sector workers and 35.9 percent of public-sector workers — are union members.   That’s a sharp decline from 10, 20 and 50 years ago.

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McCain Palin – last gasp of the old west

As the Sarah Palin saga unfolds, it occurred to me that one angle on the Republican ticket is as a last gasp of the right wing vision of the west, that weird frontier of mythic individualism propped up by a

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“John McCain Lives in Subsidized Housing” – Today’s Huffington Post

Last week the news media reported that John McCain didn’t know how many homes he and his wife Cindy own. (Answer: 10). So he also probably doesn’t realize that he lives in “subsidized” housing.  As I explain in an article

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Dueling Obama books

Friends and Colleagues: As I note in my piece in today’s Huffington Post,   several anti-Obama books have recently arrived in bookstores, and several are already on the best-seller lists. But Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation has triggered the most controversy,

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Obama and urban policy; Moyers on inequality and LA labor; Dumon on responsible business practices

Friends and Colleagues: My column in today’s Huffington Post focuses on putting the nation’s long-neglected cities and metro areas back on the political agenda. Next week, Barack Obama will be addressing the US Conference of Mayors annual meeting, while John

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