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LAUSD’s new menu and new campaign for student health

Thanks to initiatives within LAUSD Food Services with support from UEPI’s Healthy School Food Coalition, California Food Policy Advocates, and the LA County Department of Public Health, the food served to students at LAUSD this school year will be dramatically

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A Motion to Increase Motion

The recently adopted Physical Education (PE) Motion by the LAUSD Board is a great victory and good first step to getting our youth healthy and in shape. The motion asks the Superintendent to ensure that LAUSD meets the State Dept.

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Industry’s high fructose corn syrup campaign leaves a sour taste

So even if the Corn Refiners Association has $30 million to throw at us to confuse and contort what we should be eating, the good-food movement is strong and growing ever stronger through community gardens, farm to school programs, farmers markets, healthy corner stores, and the beginning farmers movement. To please our taste buds and our pancreases, my husband and I continue to enjoy eating the HFCS-free fruits and vegetables that we grow on our beginning organic farm. I hope millions of eaters will prove to the sugar daddies that we are smarter than their almighty marketing dollars.

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Food Environment

UEPI has long argued that food environments–food that is readily accessible and affordable where people live, work and play–have an impact on what people eat. Thursday’s article on the Time/CNN website, “It’s Not Just Genetics,” supports the growing recognition that

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LAUSD cafeteria implementation

Beginning on September 4th, 2007, all Elementary Schools in LAUSD are offering not one, not two, but THREE menu items to their students, including a vegetarian option.    Middle Schools and High Schools offer SEVEN lunch menu options, including a

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UEPI Receives Grant to extend our Farm to School Program

Oxy Nets $2.34 Million Food Grant (June  26, 2007) Contact: Andy Faught (323) 259-2534 Building on previous success in several states, a $2.34 million grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation will make it possible for the Center for Food and Justice at

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