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The Pepsi Offensive

PepsiCo –one of the leading companies transforming global diets and contributing to the globesity epidemic – is on the offensive to convince folks of its public health mission. This, of course, despite PepsiCo’s well deserved reputation as the high fructose

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Vote on Oats video for Farm to School to win $10K

Quaker Oats/ “Awaken Your Senses” Challenge With a click of the thumbs-up button under the Cherries video, you can help Jen win $10,000 to benefit the National Farm to School Network. Twelve food bloggers shared their favorite food memory via

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A Good News Night

Our own Peter Dreier was a featured expert on the Rachel Maddow show talking about his recent report on ACORN and refuting the rightwing campaign against ACORN and our healthy school food Organizer, Elizabeth Medrano, discussed and analyzed the school

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“Health Care and Hate in Alhambra” — on the ground at a health care town meeting

Friends and Colleagues: I attended a town meeting on health care reform in Alhambra on Tuesday night, sponsored by my Congressman, Adam Schiff, a moderate Democrat.  I wanted to see if the right-wingers and the Republicans would once again outmaneuver

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“Divorce – Union Style” in The Nation, plus Billy Bragg and Nelson Lichtenstein

Friends and Colleagues: My article, “Divorce – Union Style,” appears on the Nation’s website today and on the cover of the next (August 31) issue of the magazine . It explains the background to the intense battle that led to

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How Healthy is L.A. County?

How does the health of Angelenos fare compare to the national average?  What types of health disparities exist within the county and what are their possible causes?  What is the trend over time, within SPAs (Service Planning Areas), of certain

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What Is a Reasonable Compromise on Health Care Reform?

Friends and Colleagues: The debate over health care reform is heating up.  Within a few months, Congress is likely to pass a health care bill.  It is possible that it could be a fundamental reform that makes America a much

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June 4: Free Screening of Food, Inc.

The California Farm to School Program, a project of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI) is co-sponsoring a free screening of the new film, Food, Inc. Food, Inc. exposes America’s industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers’ rights.

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“Crying Wolf: The Same Old Song” — Businesse lobby groups are “crying wolf” on health care and labor reform

Two of the most important legislative battles of the past 50 years — the fight for universal health care and for labor law reform — are now taking shape. As Donald Cohen and I write in our essay for Talking

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Pixies for the People: a new WIC Local Food Line

Can you hear the chanting? “Pixies for the People!” How about the drums? “Pixies for the People!” Pixie Tangerines, that is, not Tinker Bell. When I first learned of this initiative to provide free fruit, fresh from the farm for

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