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Rethinking School Food

A few days back, Bob and I had the privilege of attending an event at the Community Book Center in New Orleans, along with Lucy, Jada, Danny and Victoria – from “ Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools,” a group of highly motivated

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L.A. Times column gets picked up by several other papers

“The cost of a global food chain,” the article written by Gottlieb in last week’s L.A. Times about the issue of importing Chinese garlic to the US and Pepsi growing potatos to make chips in China, has been picked up

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The cost of a gobal food chain

Check out the op ed from yesterday’s L.A. Times written by Bob Gottlieb. We hope to see you folks at the Moving Forward Together Conference this Friday and Saturday to talk more about these important issues! The cost of a

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Race and Class within Farm to School

Is farm to school about race? About class? Is it an example of another white, middle class food initiative? When we had the Forum about Food Justice on Sunday at the Community Food Security Coalition meeting in New Orleans, the

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Book Release – New Orleans

Check out the story from this morning’s Times-Picayune paper out of New-Orleans published a story in this highlighting the second stop on the Food Justice Book tour! The article highlights the Community Food Security Coalition conference that took place over

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Kresge Grant to Fund Healthy Preschool Food Project

Re-posted from Occidental’s  Office of Communications: Building on previous success with schoolchildren nationwide, a $395,000 grant from The Kresge Foundation will make it possible for the Occidental College Urban & Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI) to extend healthy food and wellness

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A streetcar named REVENGE

I.  how the wheel turns… We have long associated L.A. with the entertainment industry in mental space; and with cars and sprawl as a physical place. Reels and roads, one could say. The rotation of a film reel in a

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ArroyoFest: Five year anniversary

It’s been five years since the residents of Northeast LA, South Pasadena and Pasadena took a bicycle ride down the car-free 110 freeway. LA Times blogger Steve Hyman remembers the event.: “I was lucky enough to cover the event. And,

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Review of Reinventing Los Angeles

The May/June issue of Orion magazine includes a review of Robert Gottlieb’s latest book, Reinventing Los Angeles. “Gottlieb introduces Reinventing Los Angeles as an account of his work with the community and the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute that he

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Reinventing Los Angeles wins a California Book Award

Robert Gottlieb’s Reinventing Los Angeles has won the “Californiana” category of the California Book Awards given by the Commonwealth Club. The Commonwealth Club, based in San Francisco, calls itself “the nation’s oldest and largest public affairs forum”. The book awards

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