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L.A. Times column gets picked up by several other papers

“The cost of a global food chain,” the article written by Gottlieb in last week’s L.A. Times about the issue of importing Chinese garlic to the US and Pepsi growing potatos to make chips in China, has been picked up

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In Memory of George Ballis, a Pioneer in Food Justice Advocacy

As an environmental activist, writer and researcher in the 1970s and then later when I became a board member of the Metropolitan Water District in the 1980s, I would often encounter and always enjoyed interacting with George Ballis, a smart, ornery, tough player

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Banning Soda for Food Stamps’ Recipients Raises Tough Questions

Read the excellent commentary by Andy Fisher, executive director of the Community Food Security Coalition, that was posted today on Civil Eats regarding New York City’s request for the USDA to ban soda drinks for food stamp recipients. Andy lays out both

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June 4: Free Screening of Food, Inc.

The California Farm to School Program, a project of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI) is co-sponsoring a free screening of the new film, Food, Inc. Food, Inc. exposes America’s industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers’ rights.

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two cities – food justice in los angeles

Two Cities This post is the second in a series on food & Los Angeles. The first was Land of Sunshine, focusing on urban agriculture. The last will be City without Borders, about the future of food in an L.A.

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“Hey, USDA, what’s up with three meals a day?” “Hey, USDA, how can I learn if I can’t eat?” “Hey, USDA, imagine I’m your kid!” Watch the full 22 seconds. Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Chicago USDA

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Carrot v. Cupcake…an Olympic question

As highlighted in the Los Angeles Daily News this morning, the carrots we provide our children to perform well have morphed into colossal carrot cupcakes. The article portrays the debate of what to hold up as incentives for children to

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Industry’s high fructose corn syrup campaign leaves a sour taste

So even if the Corn Refiners Association has $30 million to throw at us to confuse and contort what we should be eating, the good-food movement is strong and growing ever stronger through community gardens, farm to school programs, farmers markets, healthy corner stores, and the beginning farmers movement. To please our taste buds and our pancreases, my husband and I continue to enjoy eating the HFCS-free fruits and vegetables that we grow on our beginning organic farm. I hope millions of eaters will prove to the sugar daddies that we are smarter than their almighty marketing dollars.

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Farm To School Portal on the menu for National School Lunch Week

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2007 Contact: Debra Eschmeyer Tel: 419.753.3412; Cell: 202.557.6942l deschmeyer[at] New tool provides innovative approaches to tackle childhood obesity and loss of family farms LOS ANGELES — As a means to support community-based food systems, strengthen family

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LAUSD cafeteria implementation

Beginning on September 4th, 2007, all Elementary Schools in LAUSD are offering not one, not two, but THREE menu items to their students, including a vegetarian option.    Middle Schools and High Schools offer SEVEN lunch menu options, including a

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