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June 4: Free Screening of Food, Inc.

The California Farm to School Program, a project of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI) is co-sponsoring a free screening of the new film, Food, Inc. Food, Inc. exposes America’s industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers’ rights.

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Business “crying wolf” on credit card reform and labor law reform

Friends and Colleagues: My occasional coauthor Donald Cohen and I would like to solicitic your help.  Perhaps you’ve noticed a regular theme in some of our recent articles — the tendency of business lobby groups to “cry wolf” whenever liberals

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Upcoming Battles Over Reform: Business Keeps Crying Wolf to Challenge Obama Agenda

Friends: The right-wing lunatic fringe of the Republican Party (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Dick Cheney, and the GOP leadership in the House and Senate) are becoming increasingly isolated from mainstream America. Because they have nothing positive

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UPS Delivers Community Food Security

One of our project partners, the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) has created a thriving national movement that has forged new alliances between diverse constituencies, including farmers, environmentalists, food bankers, anti-hunger advocates, community activists, and public health professionals. They have

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poisoned by turkeys, levis, hawaii & the governor’s business cronies

I think that this heresy in breaking away from the ‘infinite expansion’ model of goods movement, as much as the modest fee itself, was what doomed the bill. It’s a sad commentary on the ideological blinders of part of the state’s business and political community that they find a life saving regulation to be more ‘toxic’ than the pollution that’s actually killing people every day.

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The Year of the Organizer

In California,  Hillary Clinton’s lead over Barack Obama is narrowing. The Los Angeles Times today even says the primary is now dead even.  The same is true in other states where Clinton was leading, but where now the race is

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Organizing and Politics: Insiders vs Outsiders?

Friends – Grassroots organizing is the lifeblood of progressive politics. In the 1960s, many radicals looked at politics as working either “inside” or “outside” the “system.”  But the reality is more complicated than this either/or perspective. The recent tempest between

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Bush’s Class Warfare

Friends – Just a week before Christmas, President Bush gave corporate America two big presents. On Tuesday, his Federal Communications Commission changed the rules to allow the nation’s giant conglomerates to further consolidate their grip on the media by permitting

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Park[ing] Day!

It’s a beautiful day and our park is set up!  Come by for a chat in the park. 

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The Chicken and Egg Story – Park[ing] Day L.A.– Park Poor, But Parking Rich

Los Angeles is one of the most park poor but parking rich cities in the country. Endowed with a Mediterranean climate, and mountains and ocean that span the region, what often passes for open space in areas like downtown L.A.,

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