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“Health Care and Hate in Alhambra” — on the ground at a health care town meeting

Friends and Colleagues: I attended a town meeting on health care reform in Alhambra on Tuesday night, sponsored by my Congressman, Adam Schiff, a moderate Democrat.  I wanted to see if the right-wingers and the Republicans would once again outmaneuver

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Community Organizers: Thank You, Sarah Palin

Thanks to Sarah Palin (with an assist from Rudy Giuliani), the media are finally paying attention to community organizing.  As David Moberg and I write in our Huffington Post column today (, in the past few weeks, many reporters, columnists

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“GOP Mocks Community Organizing At Its Peril” — The Nation

Friends and Colleagues: When Palin and a host of GOP luminaries, including Rudy Giuliani, mocked community organizers the other night, they denigrated a tradition of collective self-help that reaches back to the Boston Tea Party and that has made America

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Rev. Martin Luther King: Anti-War, Pro Union

Most Americans today know that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed 40 years ago — on April 4, 1968 –  in Memphis, Tennessee, but they may not know why he was there. He went to Memphis to support African

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Is Obama just a “hope monger?”

Friends, My article in The Nation today, “The History of Hope,” examines  the controversy over Barack Obama’s emphasis on “hope.” The Clinton campaign says Obama is peddling “false hopes,”  is more about “words” than action, and doesn’t understand how to

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The Year of the Organizer

In California,  Hillary Clinton’s lead over Barack Obama is narrowing. The Los Angeles Times today even says the primary is now dead even.  The same is true in other states where Clinton was leading, but where now the race is

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