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In Support of a White House Farm

Since the presidential campaign, good food advocates have been calling on President Obama to incorporate progressive thinking into his food and agriculture platform. Although his choice for Secretary of Agriculture was disappointing and we’ve heard no word on the creation

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Industry’s high fructose corn syrup campaign leaves a sour taste

So even if the Corn Refiners Association has $30 million to throw at us to confuse and contort what we should be eating, the good-food movement is strong and growing ever stronger through community gardens, farm to school programs, farmers markets, healthy corner stores, and the beginning farmers movement. To please our taste buds and our pancreases, my husband and I continue to enjoy eating the HFCS-free fruits and vegetables that we grow on our beginning organic farm. I hope millions of eaters will prove to the sugar daddies that we are smarter than their almighty marketing dollars.

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What do you want CA agriculture to look like in 20 years? CDFA is listening.

Yesterday I attended the listening session in Oxnard for the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Ag Vision process. These sessions are an opportunity for the public to provide comments directly to the State Board of Food and Agriculture and

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H is for Hubris

When designing a monument to oneself in a region that has repeatedly skewered (while also celebrated) the gauche palaces of the rich, from Citizen Kane to Citizen Spelling, one would think that our contemporary tycoons would show some subtlety. One

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New Report on 10 Years of California Farm to School

The Center for Food & Justice at Occidental College is pleased to announce the release of a new report on ten years of Farm to School in California. A Growing Movement: A Decade of Farm to School in California. By

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Watered down organic food labeling being pushed through with little public input

From Common Dreams: Another Sneak Attack on Organic Standards: USDA to Allow More Conventional Ingredients in Organics WASHINGTON – MAY 17 -The USDA has announced a controversial proposal, with absolutely no input from consumers, to allow 38 new non-organic ingredients

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The Future of Food in Suburban Sprawl

Through CFJ’s Farm to School work in Riverside County over the past 2 years we have been supporting small family farmers whose land is being continually threatened by development. Riverside County is one of the fastest growing counties in the

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At the Fair

Another Southern California summer shades imperceptibly into autumn. Pomona,  Roman goddess of fruits and vines, emerges from her slumber, drawn to the Fairplex grounds by the scent of deep-fried avocados, where she mingles with the other ghosts of L.A.’s lost

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