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ACORN: “Not guilty”

Friends and Colleagues: An independent report released today has concluded that while ACORN, the community organizing group, needs to improvement its management structure, it did not engage in illegal activities when two videographers, one posing as a prostitute, sought to

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“First They Came For ACORN”

Friends and Colleagues, I just posted this piece, “First They Came for ACORN,” about the need for progressives, and Democratic Party politicians, to stand up for ACORN, or else the Right will pick off each progressive and liberal group one-by-one. 

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A Good News Night

Our own Peter Dreier was a featured expert on the Rachel Maddow show talking about his recent report on ACORN and refuting the rightwing campaign against ACORN and our healthy school food Organizer, Elizabeth Medrano, discussed and analyzed the school

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Manipulating the Public Agenda: Why ACORN Was in the News, and What the News Got Wrong

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Peter Dreier, E.P Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics and Urban & Environmental Policy Program director, Occidental College, (323) 259-2913, Christopher Martin, professor of journalism, UNI Department of Communication Studies, (319) 273-7155, Note: Read “Manipulating

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Upcoming Battles Over Reform: Business Keeps Crying Wolf to Challenge Obama Agenda

Friends: The right-wing lunatic fringe of the Republican Party (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Dick Cheney, and the GOP leadership in the House and Senate) are becoming increasingly isolated from mainstream America. Because they have nothing positive

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ACORN Under the Microscope

Friends and Colleagues: In our article today’s HuffingtonPost, “ACORN Under the Microscope,” John Atlas and I examine the current controversy surrounding ACORN, the country’s largest and most successful progressive community organizing group. Last week the New York Times reported that

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Edwards Poverty Campaign Met With Media Blackout

Friends and Colleagues: John Edwards’ endorsement of Obama yesterday made all the news. But Edwards’ plan to battle soaring levels of poverty in this country, Half in Ten, has made almost no news at all. On Tuesday, the day before

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The Year of the Organizer

In California,  Hillary Clinton’s lead over Barack Obama is narrowing. The Los Angeles Times today even says the primary is now dead even.  The same is true in other states where Clinton was leading, but where now the race is

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What’s the real story behind the US Attorney scandal?

Most of the mainstream media has missed the real story behind the firing of US Attorney David C. Iglesias of New Mexico and his counterparts in other states.

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The New Gilded Age and the Burgeoning New Progressive Era

America’s new Gilded Age — widening inequality and deteriorating social conditions — is triggering a new Progressive Era, an upsurge of progressive organizing, ideas, and electoral shifts. This is reflected in several ways, including: This year’s LA Business Journal look

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