Food Access in South Los Angeles

Mark Vallianatos, Andrea Azuma, and Robert Gottlieb
University of California Press
October 10, 2012

This book chapter (in the book “Post-Ghetto: Reimagining South Los Angeles” edited by Josh Sides, UC Press 2012) examines the food environment in South Los Angeles through the lens of food justice. It provides a portrait of food access in South Los Angeles by sharing results of community-led research in three South and Central Los Angeles neighborhoods that mapped places where food is sold and surveyed the availability, price, and quality of food in stores in these areas. The remainder of the chapter focuses on policies and campaigns that could increase food access and quality in underserved communities, including attracting more supermarkets and farmers markets, helping corner stores sell more fresh items, limiting new fast food establishments, and utilizing mobile vending as a source of healthy food.

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Bob is Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Director of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute. He is the author and co-author of twelve books and numerous other publications, including Food Justice with Anupama Joshi (MIT Press, 2010), Reinventing Los Angeles: Nature and Community in the Global City (MIT Press, 2007), The Next Los Angeles: The Struggle for a Livable City with Mark Vallianatos, Regina Freer and Peter Dreier (UC Press 2006); Forcing the Spring: The Transformation of the American Environmental Movement (Island Press, 1993); A Life of its Own: The Politics and Power of Water (HBJ 1989), and Environmentalism Unbound: Exploring New Pathways for Change (MIT Press, 2001). He is also the editor of two MIT Press series, “Urban and Industrial Environments” and “Food, Health, and Environment.” A long time environmental and social justice activist, Bob Gottlieb has been engaged in researching and participating in social movements for more than 50 years.

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