LAUSD cafeteria implementation

Beginning on September 4th, 2007, all Elementary Schools in LAUSD are offering not one, not two, but THREE menu items to their students, including a vegetarian option.    Middle Schools and High Schools offer SEVEN lunch menu options, including a vegetarian option as well.  Menus are planned in a 2 week cycle rotating  lunch items to address the issue of variety of foods offered that Healthy School Food Coalition (HSFC) students, parents and teachers members have worked to improve.

LAUSD Food Services Branch is also training its cafeteria employees to ensure that all menu options are available through out the lunch period and that all students have at least 20 minutes to eat.

Make sure to look out for these changes in your school cafeteria:

1. the quality of the food
2. the access to all menu options, at all times
3. the access to a vegetarian option, at all times
4. enough time to eat

Here are some comments that HSFC members have already shared with us about the new changes:

“…sold out of salads, everybody is jazzed, and the kids are into it, the teachers are buying food again, hurray for the Healthy School Food Coalition and for the motion, and this cool stuff!” Teacher, Alessandro ES

“I am stunned; I will make more of those salads next week so that more students eat them.” Cafeteria Manager, Alessandro ES

“I get new foods, like sandwiches and vegetables that are good and tasty.” Student, Berendo MS

“We are very excited about the changes and seeing children getting real options to choose from.” Teacher, Hoover St. ES

“I’m sitting with my 2nd grade students at lunch time and they are loving the salads.” Teacher, Hoover St. ES

“Yes, I saw that even the last student in the line actually gets to choose from all 7 options.” Student, Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

“In my school they make announcements about the new menus through the P.A. system. This gets students excited about eating at the cafeteria.” Gompers, MS

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One comment on “LAUSD cafeteria implementation
  1. mikhaila urfano says:

    i love the new salad bars at my school because you get a variety of it.

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