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Last fall, the ASOC renewable energy & sustainability fund allocated money to buy ten new bike rack for the Occidental campus.

Some of the new rocks have already been installed near the library, Samuelson pavilion, and the Chilcott. Facilities will install the rest soon, along with plaques noting that the racks were paid for by the student fund.

below samuelson pavilion

below samuelson pavilion

in front of library

in front of library

With some “shovel-ready,” bike friendly infrastructure projects coming to Oxy, some next steps for biking at the College will be a bike promotion event/ride during Occidental’s earth day celebration on April 21  and development of a bike program/ space.

Discussions to propose a bike space/ bike programs are just getting underway, but some early ideas are:

  • identifying a space on campus for a bike repair program/ bike kitchen staffed by students
  • possibly creating a bike share or bike co-op program to make bicycles available to more students, staff, and faculty
  • having students pay for a parking permit so there isn’t free parking as an incentive/ hidden subsidy to bring cars to college and rely on them as the only form of transportation
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2 comments on “bikes @ oxy
  1. Joe Linton says:

    Yaaaay! I had the pleasure of using one of the new racks (in the quad) when I spoke on campus last week. Kudos to ASOC and all responsible for getting these in!

    Good luck on the parking proposal – not an easy prospect. Per the recommendations of parking guru Don Shoup: make sure that at least some of the parking revenue is dedicated for specific tangible improvements (not into some huge black hole of an overall budget)

  2. wvcycling says:

    Hmm, what is this ASOC I hear you speak of?

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